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Are you depressed?

 What kind of state is telling us depression,  depression is not to be taken lightly,  look at the following state which you have been in?  How to adjust yourself 1, persistent depression, pessimism, no reason to mope, no happy feeling, not  interested in anything, heavy pain, despair, the idea of suicide 2、Self-evaluation decreases, feeling useless and worthless, always feeling that they  are holding others back, blaming themselves, and repeatedly behaving in a way that  hurts them 3、The speed of mental thinking connections starts to become slow, cognitive  dysfunction, slow reactions, memory loss, inability to focus the mind, learning  becomes difficult, and language fluency decreases 4, slow behavior, life becomes passive in doing things, lazy, do not want to do things,  not willing to socialize, often alone 5. Strange physical symptoms: insomnia (early awakening, difficulty sleeping, shallow  sleep), fatigue, panic, chest tightness, nausea, sweating, loss of appetite, weight  chang

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